Chicken and Duck meat: 

At this time, we are not selling our own dressed animals. Please contact us for more information.​

He loved helping out and one of his jobs was collecting eggs.

  The puppies are here:

Mini Australian Shepherds We have 1 Red Merle, female, 1 Blue Merle, female, 1 Red Tri, female, 2 Red Tri, males.

See our "Mini Australian Shepherd page for details.

Hatching Eggs: We sell hatching eggs from all of our birds. These can be picked up at the farm or we can ship them nationwide. Shipping is via priority mail with special packaging, and you get the eggs at only a few days old. The table below shows costs of hatching eggs shipped to you.

 Type of Eggs 
 Eggs /Box 
 Cost /Box 
 Pack & Ship 
 Total Cost 
Chicken (Various)
Lots of schools have used these. 
Very easy to hatch (21 days)

         Duck          (Ancona)
Needs high humidity (28 days)

Duck eating Eggs: If you are allergic to chicken eggs, you will likely be able to eat duck eggs!  If you like the yolk, you will really like duck eggs.  The taste is the same, but the eggs are bigger, with much bigger yolks.  $5.00/dozenThey are very rich and more nutrient dense than chicken eggs.

Chicken eating Eggs: We have Farm Fresh “Free Range” eating eggs year round.  These eggs are much healthier than eggs from caged birds.  The yolk is tall and firm.  One taste and you will be hooked.  The eggs are $3.50/dozen. Or our 18 packs are available for $5.00. Most are brown, but we have blue, green and white eggs also.

Geese: Geese are seasonal layers, we are no longer raising Geese, but our favorite ones are the American Buff.

We no longer carry Geese.

Ducks: We hatch a lot of ducklings and get some from the hatcheries.  So, we usually have ducklings available.  They are very low maintenance birds.  Some are great for layers, some for meat, but all are entertaining. 

Chickens: We hatch both our own chicks and get chicks from hatcheries.  So we have chicks for sale most of the year.  We also sell a few older chickens for layers or for you to dress your own meat birds.  Breeds vary throughout the year, so email or call us for details.

Kids: The kid crop is very limited and they go fast.  All of our kids are “Bottle Babies”, so they really make great pets.  Although most kids are born in the spring, Nigerians breed year around, so we have some in the summer and fall also.

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