This is Mary our Mini Mancha, she was born on Easter morning.

This is Crème Puff, she is one of our Nigerian Dwarf goas.

2014, when we first got the Llamas

This is Creme Puff, getting some love.

As you can tell they love having visitors.

This is Harmony, a precious Nigerian Dwarf.

PJ after

he was


Momma Dixie with her twins, born on Easter morning. Mary and Martha. What else could we name them?

Sissy's babies right after birth.

Meet Sandy our newest addition.

We generally have a waiting list for our babies, so several shown here have been sold. We keep some to increase our herd, all are very lovable. We breed a large number that are polled and blue eyed. Sometimes we want to keep them all. Each baby is bottle fed after the 1st day of birth and the mommas are milked.

This is how we spend our evenings when our "kids" are first born. Feeding 4 times a day. The last one is usually 8 to 9 p.m. When tummies are full it is play time and love time, our favorite part.

I think the goats love him, but not sure he is enjoying the kisses.

This is JV, she is a copy of her momma, Venus, that we lost in the birthing process.

Our current breeding does:

Curlie, Venus and Sissy. Our precious girls.

Here are a few pictures of the 2015-2016 "kids".

Butter and Curlie Sue

This is Blu, his name should have been Houdini, he can escape out of any fence we put him in. The sun seems to have turned his hair brown. We have sold him mainly because we couldn't keep him in his pen.

These are our original goats. We wanted them for pets. We loved them so much but have downsized to 3 does and 1 buck.

Llamas - our guard "dogs". They love their animals, especially the baby goats.

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This is Big "G", he is our current breeder.

It is never too early to teach them well. This is JV, eating grain on the stantion.

After the babies are born it is time for bottle feeding. We can use all the help we can get sometimes. Great helpers.

This is Frankie our past breeder. 

This is Martha, Mary's sister, which we sold.

Mary is a Mini Mancha, a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and a LaMancha.