Rabbits need love to. Who better to do it than our granddaughter?

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Our rabbits are in hanging cages on one half of the barn and the poultry gets the other.  It works quite nicely.  We currently have 1 breed of rabbit, the Dutch.  Our rabbits have won several awards; we even had one show where we won Best of Breed.  So they are not only great pets, a lot of fun and a great source of meat, but also top show prospects. 

Dutch or "Dutch Belted" is often called "the panda bear" rabbit, since they have white feet and belt but are mostly dark colored.  They are one of the most popular fancy rabbits in America.  They range from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 pounds and are usually very mild mannered and the does make excellent mothers.

We are currently carrying one breed of rabbit: