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Duck Eggs

We no longer have bees.

Bees and Honey

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Meet Bailey (Red Merle) and

Matilda (Black Tri)

Chicken Eggs

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the comedians of the farm. They love all the attention they can get and will do anything to be noticed and petted.  Their milk is very rich and creamy, and the kids are hilarious.  Llamas do NOT like our attention, except at feeding time.  However, they are great guard animals and really love to play with the kids

Our waterfowl are also fully free range birds.  Most of our breeds are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority Watch List and need to be preserved for future generations.  The webfoot wonders are entertaining and excellent layers.  If you are not familiar with duck eggs, you really need to try them!

Goats and Llamas



 Bailey and Matilda. We currently have 2 puppies from Matilda's 2nd litter, that will be ready to go to a new home as of anytime you are ready

Our chickens are truly free range animals with acres to roam in the sunshine.  They are given no hormones, and forage for much of their food.  These are all heritage breeds, which are in need of preservation.  These birds do not lay as much as commercial chicken factory birds, but have better tasting eggs.

Chicken Eggs

The girls first trip. Santa Fe New Mexico

Mini Austrailian 

Shepards   ​ 

Why Free Range?

 Better Taste

  Lower Cholesterol

  Healthier for the animals

  More humane

  Natural diet for the animals

Mini Australian Shepherds