Shetland Sheep: Why did we choose Shetlands as our sheep of choice?  Well, since we had dwarf goats and miniature horses—similar to Shetland ponies, we wanted a small breed of sheep as well.  There are only a few breeds of sheep under 100 pounds and this is one of them, though rams may weigh a bit more. 
Then the Shetlands have several other key attributes which we liked.  First they come in a very wide array of colors and markings.  (Who wants every animal to look alike?)  Second, they have extremely fine wool that is prized by hand spinners.  (In lots of colors)  Tradition has it that a Shetland woman would knit her wedding shawl out of Shetland wool, and this shawl should be fine enough to pull through her wedding ring!

Shetland sheep are very hardy and require minimal input to thrive.  They are a rare breed that is making a comeback, like many of our fowl.   Finally, unlike most sheep, they do NOT need to have their tails docked—they are a short tailed sheep.​​​​

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Horses &​ Sheep

Miniature horses:  Well, why would anybody not like these pint sized equines?  While they are too small to be ridden by anybody except children, they are more than capable of pulling carts, carrying children, and performing any of the antics that a full size horse can do.  They need much less feed, less space and love attention.  These guys come in lots of colors.

Chicken Eggs

Ducks, live and Ducklings

Chickens, live and baby Chicks

"Kids" Baby Goats

Our rabbits are excellent pets, they come from good show lines and make nice breeders for your own rabbit project.  We have been too busy to keep showing rabbits ourselves, but have done very well in our shows.  In fact the last three shows we attended, we had best of breed in each breed and one of the top show rabbits in all three shows.  Dutch are our favorites, but we really like them all..

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the comedians of the farm. They love all the attention they can get and will do anything to be noticed and petted.  Their milk is very rich and creamy, and the kids are hilarious.  Llamas do NOT like our attention, except at feeding time.  However, they are great guard animals and really love to play with the kids

Our waterfowl are also fully free range birds.  Most of our breeds are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Priority Watch List and need to be preserved for future generations.  The webfoot wonders are entertaining and excellent layers.  If you are not familiar with duck eggs, you really need to try them!

Our chickens and turkeys are truly free range animals with acres to roam in the sunshine.  They are given no hormones, and forage for much of their food.  These are all heritage breeds, which are in need of preservation.  These birds do not lay as much as commercial chicken factory birds, but have better tasting eggs.

Why Free Range?

 Better Taste

  Lower Cholesterol

  Healthier for the animals

  More humane

  Natural diet for the animals

Chicken Eggs

Duck Eggs

Hatching Eggs

Goose Eggs

Rabbits for Pets, show or food

Honey - Seasonal

Even though "Honey" is part of our name, we didn't start out with Bees. In 2013, Greg wanted to get a hive and just try it out. We were able to harvest about 80 lbs in 2014. The flavor was great and we sold out very quickly. So we added another hive in 2014 and we hope to be able to harvest  even more honey in the fall of 2015.

Our goal is to get to 3 or 4 hives.

Bees and Honey

Goats and Llamas

Ducks and Geese


Chickens ​​